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 About Me

Welcome! I'm Ashley Lujan, a 25-year-old girl from El Paso, TX who studied Natural Cosmetic Science & Formulation, and received a cosmetology license and makeup artist certification to understand the performance and quality of makeup products. My background led me to create products to not only show beauty from the outside but on the inside as well. I'm thrilled to share this transformative journey with you. As the Author of my new E-Book "Freaking Out: A Teens Guide to Managing Anxiety" I am passionate about empowering individuals to achieve lasting well-being from the inside and out by offering my worksheets and physical wellness products to help you on your health journey.

As someone who has personally experienced anxiety and struggles with a healthy wellness outcome, I know the obstacles you must face to feel your best. Any product I sell I have personally used on my journey to feel beautiful inside and out. So if you need the tools to get started or continue on your wellness journey I hope I can offer my assistance to you.

My products include Beauty Products such as my well-known lipsticks you can use to radiate that confidence you have within or the digital planners I've created to set up your week, month, and year when you feel scrambled at times. All of my products are made and created by me such as formulas for my makeup products and worksheets to give you the tools I've used to mentally and physically feel my best.

I'm excited to connect with you on this transformative journey. Follow me on social media for updates, discussions, and additional insights. Your mental health matters, and together, we can navigate the mind toward a brighter and more fulfilling life.

Thank you for choosing Asche Beauty. Here's to your mental health and wellness!